Founder & artertainment director
I'm an artist, creative producer and entrepreneur. I started my career 15 years ago in BBDO as copywriter but soon quitted ad and entered the freedom by creating an art group "Varenye organizm" where since 2008 till 2021 me and my partners were practicing weird multidisciplinary approach: fashion art, interactive media art, land art and public art.

My lifetime research led me to kinetic micro architecture and interactive rotating landscapes. Creating a stirring environment is my passion and superpower.
Rotating landscapes
I grew up in 90-s in eastern Europe on the ruins of Soviet era and like many kids i loved visiting amusement parks at weekends but hated them for being so old-school, vulgar and gaudy. And the main thing i could't stand was carousels with tea cups or horses. Now im 36 and i realize - carousel is a genius thing that need to be reformed, restyled, rethought. Lets step aside and think. Carousel is nothing but a blank rotating landscape, rotating anything, a canvas! Why not create a rotating skate park, rotating sculptures, rotating playground, rotating coworking or rotating marketplace?
Access to the axis

Thinking about the merry go round's core meaning i identified its proximity to the ancient ritual round dancing ( round the sacral fire or idols or chiefs) and Buddist's Mani Khos-Ykhor praying cilinders. Drawing the circles in space is a kind of attempt to stabilize the chaos of universe. So we can do the same at the times of havoc of the city and use carousel as the axis of equilibrium, point of cosmic balance everybody has access to.
Draft animation for the Axis of glass stones
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