Worth knowing
We've been producing public art objects for 12 years, so high quality is obvious.
Each piece is different and unique. For example, stone looking sculptures could be made of marble or imitate marble if the project budget is low. It's a matter of discussion.
We accept customization of our things, just let us know if you need any special additions or changes.
It's a combo. We combine our 12 years experience in art fields with carousel factory expertise.
Production time
It takes up to 90 working days to create such a piece.
Production cost
Each piece costs different and since you choose one you'd like to have, we will prepare an estimate. But still you can find approximate prices in the menu.
My carousels rotate slowly as snails. They are so smoothly that you can step on it on the run and won't fall. The motion is so gently that it's ok to read on a carousel, to have a drink or to scroll the feed and won't get a seasick.
Master of carousels
Sacred void security
Rotating monument of absurd "safety" we pay with our taxes
Policeman sculptures on the marble disk with stainless steel basis.
Axis of access
Slowly rotating public space with high safety level)
Access to the axis of globalism
Baggage carousels bring us together. Lets put this moment on pause and ride the belts as we always dreamed.
Round the city changes
Fall into the road manhole and have a cup of coffee, photo, chat or a rest.
Watch your step, watch your back, be careful on the road, don't fall through the hatch, follow the rules, never play on the carriageway and other boring stop signs we could finally ignore on the Axis of the city changes.

Axis of city changes
Slowly rotating road repair works carousel
Unity core
Slowly rotating public space and round table for everyday chill, work, debates and games.
Let's reach even more equality and negotiate by the axis of rotation on the round table.
Axis of the unity
Rotating round table.
Access to the axis of nature
Carousels were always too plastic. I want it to be green and natural. A carousel could be a sail of the earth you will push in a company of a wind.
An absurd ritual. Senseless dance. Fighting with the wind. The form was created in a collaboration with Varenye organism.
Access to the axis of chilling
Carousels were always too fast. I want it to be slow and smooth. Imagine rotating lounge soft circle on the city concrete square. Here it is. Lets open up the access to the axis of chilling.
What if a carousel would not be a cyrcle? The form was created in a collaboration with StacyLoveJoy.
Axis of chill
A set of unique cabins for different goal.
Stoned rocks
Abstract rotating sculpture made of acrylic rocks.
Cobblestones brush strokes. Liquid acrylic drips.
Access to the axis of glass stones
Stoned rocks fly
Carousels were always too literal. I want it to be abstract, want it to be a insect - sculpture that can give you a ride.
A giant stone insect or an ancient magic creature? No matter what is it you can have a ride.
Axis of anima
Rotating prehistoric abstractions.
Stoned rocks
Abstract rotating sculpture made of acrylic rocks.
Cobblestones brush strokes. Liquid acrylic drips.
Axis of glass stones
Mutant family
Two more abstract rotating sculptures with industrial factory elements.
Velvet poulpe
Abstract sculpture on the rotating rubber steps
Octopus or underwater plants, who knows, who cares.
Worthless access tourniquet
Rotating gates with no sense at all
Welcome to the useless spin
Axis of senceless
Plant based stonehenge
Rotating something don't know why but it feels great
Spheres on rocks with shrimp mustaches
Axis #13
Running abstract creatures (deffinatelly not horses)
Monsters herd round the reef
Axis #14
The whirligig
Observation spinner
Intertwined stainless steel arches. Rotating public space. Perfect landmark. Good for dating, bussines meetings, staring at stars.
Axis #15
Axis of shuttlecock
Rotating shuttlecocks that work like a Clubhouse room. Sit down and chat with the others.
Clubhouse carousel
Axis #16
Axis of brainwashing
Automatic rotating brush structure working like meditation maze and psychotherapy
Carousel inspired by installation concept we came up with Varenye organizm art group at 2018
Axis #17
Axis of the scraw
Bronze lawn
What if a 2 years old kid draws a sculpture?
Axis #18
Axis of the magnetic torus
Rotating marble bench under the leather skin mushroom
Axis of the magnetic waves torus
Axis #19
Axis of diversification
Rotating set of micro carousel sculptures
Spinning landscape with 4 different objects
Axis #20
Access to the Space
Giant rotating spaceship pavilion
Mission to Mars is canceled. The rocket redesigned to a carousel.
Axis #21
Under guard's supervision
Drone satelite carousel
What if big brother's eyes are public art pieces?
Axis #22
Earthquake slowmo
Two dimentional spin
Up and down, up and down, carousel is spinning noun
Axis #23
Beating around the bush
Literal bush idiom sculpture-spinner
Grape the greatest
Axis #24
Blank platform for further addons
It's the basis of a carousel and you can use it for anything you want. Install a pop-up store on or a tiny rotating disco bar or a public book sharing library or a yoga school or a sky observation point or painting master class or tea ceremony or dancing performance arena or falafel bistro or church or advertising installation or youtube studio or massage tables or sun bathing or art exhibition or skate pool.
Rotating platform is the fundamental element of any carousel. But why should we go further, maybe its enought ?
Axis #25
Axis of dating
Here are two rotating cycle tables where you can meet your potential partner, lover or neighbour in a infinite enumeration of options.
Perfect for business or shaping malls, city squares and parks.
Axis #26
The last carousel
I promised not to use horse carousels but i lied. I had to blow up the traditional form to step forward the future of ATTA.
Burn it down.
Axis #27
Wake foot chariot carousel
There are thousands skate wheels under your feet and they are rolling round the axis. You are hanging on winch and surf!
Or you can just ride the cycle on your foot!
Axis #28
Meditation carousel
3 slowly rotating tablets for yoga classes or any other activities
Smooth motion, deep breath.
Lean back conveyor
Slowly moving wall to lean back on
Lean back lean back
Axis #30
Tightly carousel
Here is a rethought Varenye organizm's installation concept of an inflatable maze space
An inflatable black rubber maze that rotates in several vectors
Axis #30
A rotating mechanism
Gently rolling epoxy benches
Blue and glossy
Epoxy and granit
Russian carousel
A conceptual sequel of "The void's guard"
Useless and ruthless ideological cordon
Axis #33
Barbed wire carousel
Razor crown made of chrome aluminum 
Crown of thorns or a rose stalk you can ride on
Axis #34
Multipurpose lean back micro carousel #35
Slowly moving wall to lean back on and chat, work, read, sleep or anything else.
Lean back and brainstorm
Axis #34
Rubber bevel
One more rotating lean back cone to chill, work, drink a kombucha or espresso tonic, chat, date, kiss, sleep, dream, listen your cassette player, smoke, read a paper mag, get a psychological therapy, or lie lazy on the encircling not rotating rubber belt.
Lean back and forget you are living at covid times
Axis #36
Multipurpose lean back micro carousel #37

Slowly moving cone to lean back on and chat, work, read, sleep or anything else. Carousel is surrounded with not rotating belt with tables and chairs.

Perfect place to have a business meeting
Axis #37
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