Rebirth of the carousels
ATTA BY OTTO is a Moscow based art project and studio giving new life to the crusty attraction phenomenon.
I practice carouselism. My canvas rotates and the spectator rides it.
As an artist I want to come to your city, walk it through, stop in the middle of nowhere and stick the axis in the ground, marking the place for my new carousel, an access to the axis of the universe for the locals.
ATTA Founder and self-proclaimed master of carousels
Carousels are public spaces. Carousels are rotating interactive sculptures. Carousels are the observation points, horizontal ferris wheels. Carousels should not be fast. In the beginning of the twenty first century carousels are more likely to be slow, smooth, relaxing, maybe a bit provocative. Carousels should be a part of the modern architectural landscape. Plz no more kitschy carnival tents. Welcome the abstract, minimalistic, brutal or parametric city scale spinners designed by contemporary artists.
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